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Celestial Wine and Spirits is proud to be the exclusive Alberta distributor of premium wine and spirits from Moldova. Our present offering includes fine wines and spirits from 5 leading Moldavian wineries: Purcari, Bostavan, Chateau Vartely, Ciumai and J.S.C. Aroma. The quality and complexity of these wines and spirits will appeal to the most distinguished of wine enthusiasts. Our goal is to make rare vintage wines and spirits more accessible to Canadians. Moldavian wines are produced within the latitudes of 46-48 degrees similar to the French regions of Bordeaux and Bourgogne as well as the Northern Italian wine regions. It is our privilege to represent the best products of Purcari and Aroma, two of Moldova’s most historic and finest wineries.

Purcari Winery

The wines of Purcari are steeped in European history. Formerly the property of the Afono-Zagraf Monastery, Purcari winery was established in 1827. In 1878 at the Paris World Exhibition the jury awarded the gold medal to a dry, densely coloured red wine which they believed to be a new brand wine from the Bordeaux region. They were surprised to learn that the wine came from an unknown village called Purcari situated on the river Nistru.

Purcari wines have enjoyed a royal following throughout the years and were ordered to the tables of historic figures such as the Russian Emperor Nikolay II, King George V and Queen Victoria. Locally the variety of Negru de Purcari is referred to as the “Queen of England’s Wine” as she has celleard Negru through out the years.

As of April 2011, Purcari Winery has won 38 awards at specialized international contests and wine tasting for the high quality and exquisite taste of its wines. Its most recent awards in April 2011 were gold, silver and bronze at the "Challenge International du Vin" in France.


Bostavan is a modern Moldovan winery capable of producing 20,000 hectares of grapes each season. It has a total storage tank volume of wine, spirits and cognac. Bostavan produces its wines from grapes grown on its own vineyards situated in one of the best vine-growing regions in Southern Moldova. Vineyards in Etulia cover 700 hectares, and in Onesti ( the area controlled by origin) 500 hectares.

Chateau Vartely

Located in Southern Moldova, Chateau Vartely is a young wine making company founded in 1996. However, state of the art technologies used in vine growing and grape processing along with the passion for quality wine cultivated by our people for centuries, has placed Chateau Vartely among Moldova’s top wineries. Chateau Vartely wines have been awarded medals in Germany, Russia, Great Britain and the Decanter Asian awards.

Aroma Winery and Distillery

The Joint Stock Company ”Aroma” is one of the oldest winemaking and spirit distilling companies in Republic of Moldova. In the State Record Office there are documents certifying that the cognac plant ”Aroma”, formerly named ”Trade and Production Partnership N.L. Shustov & Sons”, was set up in the city of Chisinau in 1898. The complex was one of the biggest in the Russian Empire.

In 1909 the French government issued a decree to which only permits beverages that come from the French region Cognac, (distilled and produced by authentic methods) to be called "Cognac". Due to this decree, many countries have named this beverage "Brandy". In the Republic of Moldova the drink produced by applying the classic technology for cognac is called ”Divin”.

Winemaking traditions have been passed down from generation to generation for more than 100 years.The range of products under the trademark of “AROMA” includes more then 25 names of the divin (cognac),brandy, vodka and kalvadox. About 80% of the manufactured products are destined for export.

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